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If You Won the Lotto Today, Would You Keep Your Job? Although Many People Say They Would, Statistical Data Shows Most People Don't Continue to Work for Someone Else. Most People Only Work for Someone Else Because They Need Resources to Survive and Do the Things They Enjoy in Life.

Now, THE CONGREGATION isn't Trying to Bash Environmentalism, We Believe In A Healthy Planet, but the Original Reason Forests and Mineral Reserves Became Federally Protected was to Put the Resources into the Hands of the Wealthy. If You Had All Those Resources, Don't You Think You Would Have an Unfair Trade Advantage?

In Reality Money is a Tool Used for Trade that is Not Equivalent to Real Work, Making it the Tool of Choice for Bankers, and Others that Don't Want to Fix the Problem. Believe Us, We're a Long Ways Off, but There is Something You Can Do.

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