The System of Money

Most people know that the monetary system is unfair... but how unfair do you really think it is? If You haven't seen the 2011 Academy Award Winning Documentary, INSIDE JOB, please Do.

If you have watched INSIDE JOB, and paid close attention, then you should have noticed that most of the financial criminals are Jewish.

Basically, the monetary system was created by the haves, to control the have-nots, forcing labor upon those without resources or technology. The corner stone of the haves is the Federal Reserve System, which gives out loans to big banks with the interest they receive from the United States Treasury Department, by buying Treasury Bonds, later receiving interest on those loans. Any profit over the Federal Reserve System operating budget is given back to the the United States Treasury Department.

At first glance, the Treasury Department receiving money back from the Federal Reserve System might sound like a good deal for the people of the United States, but you have to remember that this money comes from interest charged to banks that borrow from the Federal Reserve System, and from the Treasury Bonds the Federal Reserve cashes in on, actually charging interest to the United States Treasury Department in the long run, raising the National Deficit.

In all fairness it must be mentioned that the Federal Reserve System is a non-profit that pays their employees way too much. Their true purpose, however, is absolute control of the masses through the manipulation of currency. By fluctuating currency values, individuals with tremendous wealth that have connections to the Federal Reserve System have an unfair investment advantage, thus enslaving the average citizen. They achieve this through inflation, deflation, regulation, and the interest rates they charge to Member Banks. Since the Federal Reserve System has not done their job to regulate Member Bank Fractional Reserve Requirements, and deflation is rarely to never used, while inflation through dumping currency onto the market is commonplace, the value of the U.S. Dollar is constantly in decline.

Although arguably inaccurate, the following documentary may help put the System of Money into perspective for you.