Medical Mayhem

If you take a close look at the picture to the left you will probably think of medicine, a doctor, or something of that nature, but that's not where this insignia originates. The Caduceus was originally found on the Staff of Hermes: the Mythological Greek God of Invention, Commerce, Cunning, and Theft; traits that match the Medicinal Industrial Complex's moral standards today.

Naturally, the Department of Justice is in on the Medical Mayhem, or they would not have classified marijuana as a Schedule 1 Drug, placing it in the same category as heroin and other deadly drugs, even though they know it is non-toxic, has no known drug interaction precautions, and has a variety of established medical uses.

Just follow the link below to see for yourself.

Unfortunately, the Medical Marijuana Conspiracy is just the tip of the iceberg. The truth of the matter is that most of the decision makers that we would expect to fix problems are under the influence of pharmaceutical corporations. Even some organizations that appear to be helping, are just pretending to help while they're using donation money to finance Pharmaceutical Drug Dealers, tragically resulting in the loss of human lives.

One of the worst offenders is Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. While they are well aware that they should invest in clinical trials to cure cancer using the extract from wormwood known as artemisinin, polysaccharide extracts from Turkey Tail Mushrooms, and Electromagnetic Frequencies, they have decided to waste donation money on things like a Vaccine for Drug Resistant Malaria, which they claim may take about 40 years to develope.

Oddly enough, artemisinin has already been clinically proven to be safe and effective for the treatment of malaria, and is still one of the most widely used malaria cures in Asia to date. While there is some proof that malaria uncommonly develops resistance to artemisinin, this does not mean it's ineffective against malaria or cancer. In fact, veterinarians already use artemisinin to cure cancer in dogs in the United States today.

Coincidentally, Bill & Melinda Gates foundation finances the Department of Bioengineering at the University of Washington, which produced the study below.

(requires a PDF reader)

If the information above wasn't enough to convince you that Bill & Melinda Gates foundation is conspiring against mankind, you should take a look at the following documents, which shed light on the foundation's conflicts of interest, before watching the video below.

(April 13th 2011 - Ed Silverman - Pharmalot)

(January 30th 2012 - Albertina Torsoli and Makiko Kitamura - Bloomberg) urges you to contact Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, ask questions and demand answers. Call (206)709-3100 today, or follow one of the links below.

Bill & Melinda Gates foundation

Whenever there's money involved in anything, be careful what you believe. Are you really marching for The Cure, or just another pharmaceutical corporation that actually makes more money selling drugs than they would if they cured you or your loved ones?