Connecting the Dots

Hopefully you've read most of the material linked to the Conspiracy Archives before visiting this page. stresses the importance of not blaming individuals that had no part in the many criminal activities that have and are taking place. That being said, it's also important to know why United States Policies resulted in 9/11 and the attacks against Gentiles in the Middle East.

Truth be told, a small group of Wealthy Wall Street Investors saw a Financial Collapse coming before they lobbied to make George Walker Bush the 43rd President of the United States of America. These investors, being Mostly Jewish, had Connections to the Israel Lobby. They also believe in Trickle Down Economics, therefore took it upon themselves to help the American People and Israel by carrying out 9/11 and attacking countries in the Middle East that Israel wants to destroy anyways.

Unfortunately, most people are under the mind control of the Mainstream Media, which is in large part run by Jews. After watching THE ZIONIST STORY, you'll begin to understand the difference between reality and the Jewish Controlled Propaganda that Americans are led to believe.

Adolph Eichmann is Jewish

Perhaps the only misinformation in THE ZIONIST STORY is the impossibility that 6,000,000 Jews died in the Holocaust; a number fabricated by Infamous Nazi War Criminal Adolph Eichmann. If you take a look at the photograph to the right of this paragraph, you'll notice a middle aged Jewish man. This man is none other than Adolph Eichmann himself, taken at a prison in Jerusalem in 1961. Not only does Adolph Eichmann come From a Jewish Background, he was also known as the Little Jew in school.

Yet, there is still more to this nearly unbelievable story. Based on the fact that Adolf Hitler was a Jew himself, and had a large Jewish Army, boasting approximately 150,000 soldiers fighting for the German cause, and the harsh reality that Hermann Göring set fire to the Reichstag as part of the False Flag Operation that blamed communists in Poland, which resulted in World War II, it's safe to conclude that World War II itself was a Zionist Manufactured False Flag Operation, set up to create Israel, take over America and Europe, and consolidate wealth into the hands of the Jewish Mafia.

If you reviewed the Adolf Hitler link, then you probably noticed that Hitler was most likely an Ashkenazi, or German Jew. While some argue that the word Nazi comes from National Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeits-Partei, which translates to National Socialist German Workers Party, the truth is far more disturbing. Nazi is, in fact, derived from Ashkenazi, while Holocaust means Burnt Offering, which is exactly what the False Flag Operation of World War II really was; a burt offering of the Poor Jews in favor of the Zionists Aristocrat cause.

One such aristocrat with Jewish Lineage, Dr. Hermann Epstein, raised Hermann Göring. It is also interesting to note that Hitler's Campaign Contributions came directly from the Rothschild Family, where Hitler's mother worked as a live-in employee, which explains why Hitler typed Mein Kampf on a Rothschild™ typewriter. As you most likely already know, the Rothschild's are themselves Jews with connections to the Jewish Controlled Federal Reserve System.

If you paid attention when you watched THE ZIONIST STORY then you should have noticed that the first Zionist Congress was created in Basel, Switzerland, in 1897. Well, it just so happens that Allen Welsh Dulles, later to become the longest standing Central Intelligence Director, set up Project Safehaven in Basel During World War II. At that time Allen Dulles was Financial Legal Advisor for George Herbert Walker, Prescott Sheldon Bush, and other War Profiteers; telling them to invest in the a company that produced cyanide gas canisters for the Nazis, known as IG Farben, while at the same time using Project Safehaven to set up and secure Swiss Bank Accounts, protecting the Zionist Investors that created World War II.

Allen Dulles also approved Mk Ultra, which was run by Jew Mind Control Doctor Sidney Gottlieb. Another interesting fact you should know about Allen Dulles is that he was fired by John Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1961 for the Bay of Pigs Invasion, before Kennedy was Assassinated by the CIA in 1963, after naming Dulles International Airport after his brother, John Foster Dulles, in 1962. You should also know that George Herbert Walker Bush was the son of the resulting marriage of George Herbert Walker's daughter, Dorothy Walker, to Prescott Sheldon Bush. This explains how George Herbert Walker Bush got his job as Director of Central Intelligence... and why the CIA aided and abetted the 9/11 Attacks with cover-up and Genocide help from President George Walker Bush.

Despite the preceding disturbing information, Nazi gassings didn't happen like most Jews would like us to believe. Watch the following documentary to see what is talking about.

Hopefully, you've realized that not every Jew is trying to control your mind to achieve the Zionist Objective. After all, THE ZIONIST STORY and AUSCHWITZ were not only produced by Jews, but many of the people speaking out in THE ZIONIST STORY, against Israel, are Jews themselves. Sadly, these Jews are in the minority. Due to their upbringing most Jews support, or attempt to remain willfully ignorant of the Israel Lobby's goal to control United States Policy, donating to organizations that pay politicians to redistribute approximately $3,000,000,000 in United States Tax Dollars to Israel every year, as part of a Weapons Buyback Program, helping reduce average Americans to Mere Slaves.

On June 4, 2019 it was noticed that AUSCHWITZ was removed from YouTube altogether. Being that the video does not violate their violence policy, as it is only a Historical Documentary without violence of any kind in it, I decided to look into the matter. My research led me to discover the CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, is of Russian-Jewish descent, proving Jewish Complicity to hide the truth. Susan Wojcicki is sister of Co-founder of Google Sergey Brin. Sergey Brin and Co-founder of Google Larry Page are both Jews.